Program for the Training event

Based on the results from the research, two intellectual outputs were created (IO1 and IO2):

IO 1 – Curricula on HR skills for Sport Workers

This curricula was focused on creating and developing an educational programme for trainers, which can be used as a  structure that directs the development process of the sport trainers by using HR skills. The curricula in it’s content structure has 4 major components, on which the 6 day training program will be based. The 4 major components are:  Communication and conflict resolution, Leadership and Coaching for sport workers, Managing team performance in sport clubs and Talent management in the team sports clubs

IO 2 – Curricula on Social Values for Sport Workers

These curricula are focused on developing social skills (effective communication and avoiding misunderstandings, initiate and carry out conversations, handle social requests, utilize both verbal and nonverbal assertiveness skills to make or refuse requests, and recognize that they have choices other than aggression or passivity when faced with tough situations).

These curricula are specifically designed for vocational education and training in sports, through custom made process. They are suitable for innovative VET education, for all professional sport workers, with  a minimum of narrative information and a lot of practical exercises and examples which convey the specific educational messages.

A program was created deriving from the two curricula and it is going to serve as a base for the Training event where 37 participants are going to be educated based on the materials included in IO1 and IO2.  Everything derived from this will be presented on a conference on June 21.