Workshop on Coordination of the project partners regarding performed TNA

The transnational meeting between the project partners from North Macedonia, Greece, Italy and Austria took place in Thessaloniki, Greece on 8-11th July 2018. Two representatives from each institution were present at the event (coordinator/expert responsible for the research).

Host organization was the project partner from Greece SEERC. The event served as face to face meeting for coordination purposes for the project partners. The coordination and partnership established during this event is long term and contributes to the further successful project implementation and partnership, as well as to the commitment for greater success in the project results and their sustainability.

The aim of the meeting was to summarize the conclusions of the research made on 4 target groups: sport workers, sport academies/clubs, parents and players, which had been implemented by the four project partners in all countries. The research was made following a 360° analysis in order to assess the current situation and the need for VET professional programs for sport workers in soccer, focusing on their people management skills and social values.

This three-day event was a significant milestone for exchanging and discussing recommendations necessary for the future flow of the project.

The research is also to provide a comparative analysis, as well as the percentage of pro and con, in order to set the differences and similarities between target groups and set the basis for identifying what is needed to improve the existing situation.


Date: 8-10 July 2018 (Sunday-Tuesday)

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Participants: Representatives of all partners (researchers and coordinators)

  1. Renato Gligoroski, Academy Burgenland, AUS
  2. Christoph Morgenbesser, Academy Burgenland, AUS
  3. Laura Tivolesi, Sinergie Education, IT
  4. Filippo Abramo, Sinergie Education, IT
  5. Nikos Lambridis, SEERC, GR
  6. Nikos Zaharis, SEERC, GR
  7. Leslie Szamosi, SEERC, GR
  8. Hristina Lozanoska, MHRA, NMK
  9. Filip Popovski, FFM, NMK
  10. Aleksandra Kacarski, MHRA, NMK

08.07.2018 (Sunday)

11.00-16.00Arrival of all participants @Hotel El Greco
18.30-19.00Gathering of the whole group in the lobby of the hotel
19.00-22.00Joint dinner in nearby restaurant

09.07.2018 (Monday)

08.30-09.00Arrival of all participants at the premises of SEERC
09.00-09.30Opening and welcome speech
Mr. Nikos Zaharis & Mrs. Hristina Lozanoska
09.30-10.30Presentation of summarized results from the research
Mrs. Hristina Lozanoska
10.30-12.30Discussion on findings and suggestions
12.30-14.00Lunch break / catering in-house
14.00-16.00Continuation of discussion
16.00-17.00Summary of discussion, wrap up and next steps
18.30-19.00Gathering of the whole group in the lobby of the hotel
19.00-22.00Joint dinner in nearby restaurant

10.07.2018 (Tuesday)

Departure of all participants