Burgenland football academy is the best place for a training camp. It started functioning in 2008. This state-of-the-art academy offers various training and playing facilities for young and talented football players. The venue offers the very best training facilities for young talented footballers and to date 71 youngsters have already enrolled on the training program. To make them feel at home a dormitory with spacious rooms, a cafeteria, a gym and various free-time activities are all available. They undergo intense training from 8 football coaches and sports scientists.

The Burgenland football academy’s goal is the systematic and comprehensive coverage and training of talented Burgenlandic youths to perform athletes. The Academy offers football top sports training according to the most modern training methods (In the technical and tactical field, in the motor area, Performance measurement at competition level). After the training the graduates have a comprehensive football training and the best is the jump to SVM football pro.

All academy players receive a professional top-level education and thus improve the level of the entire Burgenland football. Through the challenging dual education (sports & school) students mature during their training period to personalities. This development is supported through sports psychological support, various events with external personalities and voluntary further training opportunities.

Burgenland football academy’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Oliver Snurer

(commercial director)

  • Mr. Renato Gligoroski – expert, UEFA “A” licensed football/soccer coach and a professional engineer;

  • Mr. Christoph Morgenbesser – expert, UEFA “A” licensed football/soccer coach.

Website: https://www.aka-burgenland.at/