Burgenland football academy is the best place for a training camp. It started functioning in 2008. This state-of-the-art academy offers various training and playing facilities for young and talented football players. The venue offers the very best training facilities for young talented footballers and to date 71 youngsters have already enrolled on the training program. To make them feel at home a dormitory with spacious rooms, a cafeteria, a gym and various free-time activities are all available. They undergo intense training from 8 football coaches and sports scientists.

The Burgenland football academy’s goal is the systematic and comprehensive coverage and training of talented Burgenlandic youths to perform athletes. The Academy offers football top sports training according to the most modern training methods (In the technical and tactical field, in the motor area, Performance measurement at competition level). After the training the graduates have a comprehensive football training and the best is the jump to SVM football pro.

All academy players receive a professional top-level education and thus improve the level of the entire Burgenland football. Through the challenging dual education (sports & school) students mature during their training period to personalities. This development is supported through sports psychological support, various events with external personalities and voluntary further training opportunities.

Burgenland football academy’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Oliver Snurer

(commercial director)

  • Mr. Renato Gligoroski – expert, UEFA “A” licensed football/soccer coach and a professional engineer;

  • Mr. Christoph Morgenbesser – expert, UEFA “A” licensed football/soccer coach.

Website: https://www.aka-burgenland.at/

SEERC is an overseas research centre of the University of Sheffield, established as a non-profit legal entity in Thessaloniki, Greece. The centre was founded by City College, the University’s International Faculty, in 2004. It is conducting multidisciplinary research in the fields of Enterprise, Innovation & Development, Information & Communication Technologies, and Society & Human Development. Through its “Strategic People Management Research Cluster” SEERC focuses on the global application of strategic people management issues in high growth / emerging markets in both private and public sectors, aiming to develop a critical base of human resource management research knowledge and to assist researchers, practitioners, and businesses push the frontiers of management knowledge. Among other topics we address Change Management, Leadership, Work-Life Balance and Management Education. Greece. SEERC adheres to the quality principles for doing research including ethical, environmental and equal opportunities considerations of the University of Sheffield.  The centre cooperates with research and civil society partners all over Europe though formal and informal networks. It is a founding member of the Triple Hellix Association (Greek chapter) and the Greek Business Angels Network (a chapter of the European Business Angels Network).

SEERC’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Nikos Zaharis

(Director of SEERC)

  • Mr. Nikos Lambridis – expert, certified Trainer and Coach for top Management Executives;

  • Dr. Leslie Szamosi – Senior Lecturer and Academic Director, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College (Greece).

Website: https://www.seerc.org/new/

SINERGIE EDUCATION is a consulting and training center, for several years been involved in the planning and organization of training courses included in the sports. Sinergie Education Srl, a specialized company providing services in education and training, has continuously provided business education and training for more than fifteen years, and Its specialized in providing in depth analysis of company needs and it provides training which is customized to clients’ needs and practically applicable. In its portfolio has a wide range of experts which deliver cross sectorial trainings.

The training center Sinergie Education S.r.l. (Italy) is very valuable partner to this project with its vast experience in performing analysis of the needs of the clients and provision of relevant input for the specific target group of this project. They have very good record of Erasmus projects so they contribute greatly with their knowledge and experience in the discussion on the workshop organized within project activities, as well as during the project implementation, training and dissemination of results. In addition, this partner has vast experience in creating custom made training programmes, especially the ones tailor made for sport workers. They also have established great cooperation with the local soccer clubs, so they are in the position to propose sport workers from their pool to take part in the foreseen training within the project.

Sinergie Education’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Elisa Antonioni

(General manager at Sinergie Education S.r.l)

  • Mr. Filippo Abramo – HR expert, Past President of the EAPM (European Association of People Managers) and AIDP Italy;

  • Ms. Laura Tivolesi – HR consultant from Sinergie Education S.r.l.

Website: https://www.sinergie.education/web/

FOOTBALL FEDERATION OF MACEDONIA is responsible for organization of all soccer related activities and VET, professional and amateur football, women’s and man’s soccer, grassroots soccer. There are more than 40 staff in FFM, more than 20.000 registered members (players, coaches, referees, sport workers, volunteers), 545 soccer clubs, with a lot of different teams according their age category, and more than 450 referees in all levels. The Football Federation of North Macedonia has the privilege, responsibility and opportunity to organize football in North Macedonia in all its aspects.

FFMis the national federation of football in North Macedonia and acts as main partner to MHRA in this project. The Federation is very important partner in the process of exchange of experiences and practice of the new VET associated trainings.  FFM is the most relevant partner organization in this process since they provide success school for target groups and are willing to introduce VET for their employees and trainers in general in order to improve their competences. The added value received from FFM is core input in the process of TNA and assessments of educational providers’ outputs of skills. Their feedback is very much valuable. During the process of testing the created curricula the FFM members are the ones who test the curricula through training and provide feedback on its relevance for the profession.

FFM’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Filip Popovski

(General Secretary at the Football federation of Macedonia)

  • Mr. Mario Gjurcinovski-club Licensing Manager at Football Federation of Macedonia.

Website: http://ffm.mk/