FOOTBALL FEDERATION OF MACEDONIA is responsible for organization of all soccer related activities and VET, professional and amateur football, women’s and man’s soccer, grassroots soccer. There are more than 40 staff in FFM, more than 20.000 registered members (players, coaches, referees, sport workers, volunteers), 545 soccer clubs, with a lot of different teams according their age category, and more than 450 referees in all levels. The Football Federation of North Macedonia has the privilege, responsibility and opportunity to organize football in North Macedonia in all its aspects.

FFMis the national federation of football in North Macedonia and acts as main partner to MHRA in this project. The Federation is very important partner in the process of exchange of experiences and practice of the new VET associated trainings.  FFM is the most relevant partner organization in this process since they provide success school for target groups and are willing to introduce VET for their employees and trainers in general in order to improve their competences. The added value received from FFM is core input in the process of TNA and assessments of educational providers’ outputs of skills. Their feedback is very much valuable. During the process of testing the created curricula the FFM members are the ones who test the curricula through training and provide feedback on its relevance for the profession.

FFM’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Filip Popovski

(General Secretary at the Football federation of Macedonia)

  • Mr. Mario Gjurcinovski-club Licensing Manager at Football Federation of Macedonia.