The Macedonian Human Resource Association (MHRA) is a professional, non-governmental, non-political, and non-profit association of citizens, for conducting work and activities related to the development of the workforce, promotion of the importance of human resources functions, as well as improvement and increasing the standards and level of the profession of HR management.  MHRA supports, promotes and develops the human resource management profession. Its vision is to achieve greater development of the people and organizations. The MHRA has first-hand experience in implementation of ERASMUS project, in addition this association has a core team of highly skilled HR experts and NLP trainers and coaching specialists, especially in the area of HR skills and social values. Creative approach and perspective is expected from this partnership especially in bringing new ideas. These partnerships were established based on the good networking of both associations and joint events visited in the country and abroad. MHRA experts are expected to lead the process of development of the curricula, provide expertise for the workshops and meetings for coordination, develop the curricula and implement the workshops based on the developed curricula. MHRA is also a lead partner of this project in terms of administration and project management.

MHRA’s team of experts who were included in the project’s activities:

Team Leader and Contact person

Hristina Lozanoska

(Executive coach, former president of MHRA)

  • Ms. Zorica Zaharieva – HR consultant and project coordinator;

  • Mr. Darko Petrovski – HR expert and The President of MHRA;

  • Mr. Ljupcho Eftimov, PhD – Professor at the Faculty of Economics in Skopje at the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”;

  • Ms. Ana Saltirova Davidovski – HR expert and trainer for soft skills and NLP;

  • Ms. Zorica Popovska – expert, NLP Trainer and Coach to individuals and businesses;

  • Mr. Kosta Karpuzovski – expert, certified NLP Capital Coach and NLP Master Practitioner;

  • Ms. Elica Perchinkova – HR expert and coach for personal development;

  • Ms. Ana Tomovska – Misoska, PhD – Professor at the University American College Skopje;

  • Ms. Aleksandra Kacarski – professional Career Adviser and HR consultant;
  • Mr. Dimitar Osmanli – HR lecturer and expert, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of project management